Who we are

High-tech solutions for real world problems.

Scaling Parrots is a software house company specialized in program consulting and development in the blockchain sector.

Our job focuses on offering concrete solutions to market limits, allowing companies to realize new growth opportunities based on the blockchain tech-innovations.



We help managers and entrepreneurs to understand which opportunities are hidden behind the world of tokens and Tokenomics.
We study and analyse the economic model related to the technical needs of the token alongside our customers. Having a transversal expertise on various blockchains (Algorand, Liquid, BSC, Ethereum, Polygon etc.), we always manage to give the best solution to our customers.

IOT integration

There is no correct use of the timestamp without proper integration in corporate IOT systems with the blockchain. Scaling Parrots supports business realities through the correct integration of the blockchain technology, collecting all data directly from the company’s sensors and their industrial machinery.

Dapp e token

Tokens are the core element to every tokenomics model. However, what play a significant role are: personalized wallets, smart contracts and DAPP with interesting features.
These applications increase the interaction between holders and the token’s price. The ScalingParrots team assists their customers in the creation of DAPP, smart contracts and customized wallets.


NFTs are the current trend of the moment. Their market is booming and more and more companies are showing interest in this market.
With “planetwars.io” project ScalingParrots has shown to have all the credentials and abilities to be a market leader in this new sector.