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Poker has always had a special relationship with what is commonly referred to as future technologies. It has always been at the front position of new developments in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and any other innovation that can help its communities improve their platforms because it is a growing sector.

These advancements also benefit online championships and everything related to the movement of money on the Internet, for games on the Internet or in game rooms, for live tournaments.

Blockchain is another innovation that has found a home in the poker world. Poker rooms are increasingly accepting cryptocurrency transactions. However, there are now platforms that only accept cryptos and offer NFT bonuses and often spectacular gains in exchange.

The metaverse is, without a doubt, the best example of such a place. Still, there are others, including projects created and supported by poker players and primarily aimed at other game professionals.

To put it another way, the poker world jumped on Blockchain because it saw a great opportunity to improve the experience of its players.

Their success is primarily because many players are tired of their country’s specific legislation. The laws are far from permissive; they are ambiguous and attempt to dissuade the population by exploiting the fear of the unknown.

Taxes are particularly high and confusing, and obtaining credit is simply impossible for the average player. This is why playing with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies is gaining popularity, as it assures keeping all of your winnings more safely than traditional currencies.

Participating in various tournaments allows a poker player to fine-tune the details of his strategy. It’s the only way to hope for a professional career, learning and improving with each game, victory and defeat.

This is why rubbing shoulders with the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies while also understanding its limitations is critical for any poker player with high aspirations.

And we must not forget that cryptocurrencies remain a highly speculative market in which people unfamiliar with poker invest and that they can fluctuate dramatically due to the lack of organized financial controls.

With the invention of Blockchain in recent years, how can it be implemented in poker? This article will answer that question and list five possible use cases of Blockchain in poker.

How is Blockchain implemented in Poker

Although its application in the crypto-financial sector is frequently used as an example with cryptocurrencies, Blockchain has many other applications.

Blockchain has many applications because of its usefulness, like transparency and security.

These are critical in making online poker games appealing and trustworthy to users, as no one wants to play in an environment where security and transparency are lacking.

Another implementation of Blockchain is record recording. If you have any worries, you can consult previous transactions, which cannot be edited, modified, or deleted once they are part of the Blockchain.

In poker, this premise is extremely appealing because it allows for streamlining stack movements while also leaving a record of the transaction.

Furthermore, Blockchain technology help to strengthen the network infrastructure of the major online poker platforms, potentially creating a very interesting symbiotic relationship in which both parties would benefit greatly.

5 possible use cases of Blockchain for Poker

There are multiple examples of poker companies that use Blockchain technology for poker. We will examine just five possible use cases of these:

1.      Polker

POLKER ($PKR) is the first Blockchain-based free-to-play / play-to-earn online NFT Poker game that employs Unreal Engine 4 to provide immersive and powerful gameplay.

In the Blockchain-based poker game, polker participants worldwide may use their poker hands to win, purchase, trade, and sell NFTs.  Did you want to combine your two interests into one gaming project? Poker has made it possible recently.

The project’s team claims to “increase interest in poker and NFTs” in the fiercely competitive cryptocurrency market.

By combining the two, the gap is ultimately filled for upcoming initiatives, and Blockchain technology is used as a means to provide a transparent and fair game.

Polker attempts to achieve this goal by integrating a TRNG (True Random Number Generator) system with the Blockchain. The game team works hard to make the experience a reality. Today, Polker is gearing up to launch a beta game in the coming days.

Its goal is to support three-dimensional characters, next-generation virtual reality, environments, and visual effects. The platform will be designed so that everyone can play the game, including those who want to hone their skills without risking their money.

Polker used its proprietary technology, the True Random Number Generator, to ensure that the game is fair to everyone on the Blockchain. The TRNG is designed for beginning with the player seed and then integrating with the player seed.

The Polker platform and the random nature of the block’s hash value (a cryptographic operation that generates unique and unrepeatable identifiers from certain information) ensure the randomness of the number that is generated.

While Blockchain integration ensures the game’s trustworthiness, Polker also uses Unreal Engine 4, a powerful 3D creation platform, to provide an immersive experience not found at most other poker sites, such as 3D character models and the ability to play with virtual reality glasses.

2.      CoinPoker

The only completely decentralized poker platform is CoinPoker. An entirely community-owned Blockchain poker platform with a built-in sportsbook,

CoinPoker was introduced in 2017. It has its native cryptocurrency, the CHP (CoinPoker token on CoinMarketCap), which is based on Ethereum and is utilized for practically all of the platform’s games and promotions.

CoinPoker is one of the few poker companies dedicated to enabling you to play poker with cryptocurrencies online against real players, even if most of this list are casinos with a dedicated poker player base.

Due to this concentration, high-stakes games, tournaments, and regular table play are widely available on the website.

The platform puts the community first by being community-owned and using a completely decentralized, verifiably fair RNG (Random Number Generators) for dealing cards. An excellent shuffling algorithm is essential for a top-notch poker experience.

All of its users have access to anonymous cryptocurrency betting, and since no banks are involved in the depositing or withdrawing process, you can instantly withdraw your profits.

CoinPoker does not offer welcome bonuses but offers some great deals and a 20% Rakeback scheme. They receive Rakeback every Monday in addition to their community commitments.

It is nearly hard to steal information or cheat on CoinPoker because the platform is anonymous, and all games are played entirely on-chain (Blockchain).

Even better, there’s a sizable reward for anyone who can spot a flaw in the platform’s shuffling algorithm.

For the sake of their community, CoinPoker often offers freerolls for Bitcoin poker.

CoinPoker is one of the top US Bitcoin poker sites available and a viable opponent to America’s Cardroom, which also accepts Bitcoin, thanks to all of these qualities combined with a straightforward, clean user experience.

Blockchain for Poker: laptop with two poker cards on it (one ace of hearts and one of clubs). To the left of the chips
Credits: Fabrikasimf by Freepik

3.      Chipstars

Chipstars is a new poker and sportsbook brand launched in 2020. It offers excellent gaming products and accepts cryptocurrency payments.

Chipstars poker does not permit anonymous gambling, and players must provide their personal information during registration.

Chipstars poker has an excellent reputation, supported by its license, high level of security, and positive user feedback.

They respond to all requests immediately and work around the clock, and players can benefit from favorable odds on popular events.

With Chipstars, you can get the first deposit bonus without meeting any wagering requirements.

AstroPay, Bank Cashout, ecoPayz, Neteller, Skrill, and Crypto are all options for players to deposit payments.

4.      Black Chip Poker

Black Chip Poker is the Best Online Blockchain Poker Site for Rakeback & Bonuses. Black Chip Poker is a popular choice for Bitcoin, crypto sports betting, and crypto poker.

Black Chip Poker accepts various cryptocurrency deposits and is one of the very few gambling sites with a mobile app. It also has a competitive welcome bonus and an exceptional six-tier Elite Benefits program.

Although Black Chip Poker does not provide anonymous play, it does have a Player Protection program.

The Player Protection program conceals player names until you pay to play. This is to combat predatory players who seek out weaker competitors. In addition, the platform has a zero-tolerance policy for bots.

5.      Metaspins

Metaspins is a brand new, 100% Blockchain-focused poker that debuted on October 1st, 2022, with the tagline “Blockchain gambling, crypto gaming, and Web3“.

This new platform is taking a unique approach we haven’t seen in other Blockchain poker reviews: Metaspins offers up to 60% Rakeback, or cashback, on wagering fees. This type of promotion is far more valuable than any deposit bonus offer.

The amount of the Metaspin welcome bonus has yet to be announced, but it appears that there will be a sign-up bonus in addition to the Rakeback deal.

In addition, Metaspin offers daily and weekly promotions, including tournaments with prize pools of up to 20 BTC.

Metaspins has also announced the launch of their own NFT marketplace, further distinguishing themselves – as stated on the Metaspins website, ‘players will be able to play their favorite games at the casino using any NFTs they own, including those designed by Metaspins.’

Advantages of implementing Blockchain in Poker

The implementation of Blockchain technology into the poker world has the potential to alter the way we play poker. It may also change the way we bet and compete in tournaments.

Here are a few advantages of how Blockchain technology has impacted poker:

  • Enhancements to betting and playing strategies

Blockchain technology has the potential to improve players’ betting and playing strategies in a variety of ways. They could, for example, track their wins and losses in real-time and use this information to improve their game. They could also use Blockchain technology to create smart contracts that govern their tournament and other poker betting.

  • Increased interaction among players

Another advantage of Blockchain to poker is that it facilitates player collaboration and information sharing. They could, for example, use Blockchain technology to share hand data between tournament players or track a shared pot’s progress. This would enable players to predict the outcomes of their matches better.

  • Increased security

Blockchain technology has the potential to improve security in a variety of ways. For starters, it can make it more difficult for hackers to access your personal information. Second, it can generate a tamper-resistant record of all your poker hands. Finally, it can aid in the prevention of money laundering and other criminal activities.

  • Increased Fairness

Another primary advantage of Blockchain technology is that it can improve the level of fairness in online poker. Players can ensure that their opponents cannot cheat or unfairly manipulate the results of their matches by recording all of their hand data on the Blockchain.

  • Increased Tournament Participation

Tournaments are a fun way to play online poker, but they can be difficult to get into. Players could use Blockchain technology to simply enter their tournament information into a Blockchain-based tournament platform and receive a notification when their tournament begins. This would make tournaments more accessible to players of all skill levels.

  • Privacy

Everyone values privacy, which is something that online BTC poker can provide. Anonymity is prioritized by some of the best bitcoin poker websites in 2022, such as Nitrogensports. This gives them a competitive advantage. For undercover poker players, such privacy is a dream come true. The ability to earn money at poker tables without disclosing one’s name and address is a big draw for customers.

Overall, Blockchain technology can potentially transform how we play online poker. It has the potential to make the game more secure, fair, and collaborative.

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Despite slow adoption, Blockchain integration must be the next step for online poker brands – it’s both a functional technology and a fantastic marketing opportunity.

As evidenced by the fact that many Blockchain-based companies are startups rather than major brands, the need to persuade traditionalists and upper management of its benefits remain a barrier to wider adoption.

Although Blockchain has yet to be fully implemented in poker, it is almost certain that poker’s relationship with decentralized ledgers will become more intimate in the future.

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