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Blockchain: what it is, how it works and why it is the best investment you can make

More than an innovation,
a real revolution

An explanation on what the Blockchain is about is not that easy. Between Bitcoin, token, DeFi, timestamping, cryptocurrencies, crypto wallet and NFT  there is great confusion. Blockchain is all of these things together, maybe: not an object, not a service or something to buy, but a new technological paradigm, a protocol with almost unlimited applications.

We talk about Blockchain as of innovation disruptive, that is, with disruptive effects, capable of making other technologies, professions and even entire economic sectors obsolete. To give just a few examples, let’s think about the invention of the car, the television or more recently the internet, smartphones, social media, ecommerce and platforms for streaming video and audio content.

Each of these innovations has literally changed the world, profoundly changing our habits, causing companies to fail and creating new ones. Here she is Blockchain is something similar: we do not yet see its full extent, but it is a technology destined to revolutionize the economy, finance, work and even our private sphere. Something we can no longer do without.


what are we talking about?

If it is true that it was born in the context of cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain has proved to be an extremely useful tool in many fields of application. Literally, Blockchain means ‘chain of blocks’ and is basically a distributed register in which information is organized in sequentially linked blocks.

A large digital database that has the fundamental characteristic of being decentralized, in which every data entered is immutable and whose security is guaranteed by encryption.

6 essential reasons
to choose the Blockchain

To understand the Blockchain a real change of perspective is necessary: it is not a single technology, but a set of technologies and tools that allow a large number of services to be digitized and made more accessible today still linked to institutions such as banks or insurance companies, or to professional figures such as that of the notary. All with the utmost transparency and safety.


because it is decentralized

In the Blockchain the data is not saved in a single space, but distributed in a shared registry by multiple nodes of the same network, a solution that protects the system from any cyber attack or information loss.


Nothing can
ever escape you

It is possible to trace with absolute precision the origin of every single item saved on Blockchain and trace any operation carried out over time.


Trust me.
It’s trustless

Every operation or transaction is handled in a trustless way, making the presence of intermediaries or a central authority for authorization and certification unnecessary.


A ‘transparent’

The information saved on Blockchain is visible to all and can be consulted in real time.


A block
is forever

Once entered in the register, the information cannot be changed in any way without the consent of the whole network.


With the Blockchain
everything becomes a schedule

Actions and transactions can be scheduled to execute automatically when certain conditions are met.

What can I do with the Blockchain?

Although there are still many development opportunities open, the main ways of using the Blockchain are currently four, all aimed at creating value for businesses and service users.


Exchange value

It is the world of tokenomics, of the platforms DeFi, of the Bitcoin, of the stablecoin, of the token and of NFT. With the Blockchain is possible to exchange financial or corporate assets (efficiently, trustless and without intermediaries), launch crowdfunding campaigns, finance a startup or make any business scalable.


Make data immutable and verifiable

The information recorded on the Blockchain are unalterable, irreversible, transparent and always verifiable. Through the services of notarization, for each document a timestamping, i.e. a timestamp that certifies the operation or event, identifying it uniquely and forever. A perfect application, for example, to guarantee the traceability of food products and of all production, commercial and industrial chains.


Share Information

Blockchain allows the exchange of data in a certain way and without the need for intermediaries inside and outside the company, improving coordination between the various areas of expertise and the management of processes, orders and the entire production. All eliminating the possibility of human error, through the integration between Blockchain and Internet of Things.


Manage everything more reliably

Through tools such as smart contract, timestamping, token and DApp it is possible to optimize and automate any business process, making it verifiable, more reliable and more secure at the same time.

When and to whom is the Blockchain?

Regardless of the sector or business, the Blockchain offers the opportunity to make a real evolutionary leap, definitively disengaging from traditional certification and transaction systems, with a lot of advantages in terms of costs, time and operations.

In addition, the Blockchain opens the doors to the creation and development of new business models based on scalability and on the token economy.

Blockchain applications

From finance to insurance, from banks to the food supply chain, from art to collecting, from security to the real estate market to the world of industry. This is a sea change and the opportunities offered by the Blockchain are so many, in all sectors. You just need to be ready.

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