Scaling Parrots: scalability and new business in the world of Blockchain

A software house with Blockchain DNA

About us: We are digital natives of the Blockchain, partly developers and partly consultants, partly economists and partly computer experts. In any case, great enthusiasts. We study the Blockchain, we talk about Blockchain, we teach it and work with businesses, organizations and institutions to help them grow and become more competitive.

Our customers are large brands, industries, financial institutions, but also small companies in all sectors, from commerce to distribution, from agrifood to real estate, from rental to surveillance, not to mention startups, artists and professionals.

Different realities and with completely different objectives, but with one thing in common: the will to innovate, updating their business model and taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by Blockchain.


An economy where
anything is possible

With the Blockchain everything is a market and everything can become business. It is the world of token economy a new decentralized economic model in which it is possible to create and exchange value without the need to rely on a central authority.

A revolutionary ecosystem that opens up an infinite range of possibilities and where the watchword is scalability. Why? Simple: with Blockchain tools as token, NFT and smart contract it is possible to make any activity scalable and therefore able to grow without limits according to the needs and objectives.

But not only: Blockchain also ensures maximum transparency and security, allowing any data to be recorded in an immutable way by timestamping, certifying its authenticity immediately and independently.

Team Scaling Parrots

We offer assistance. 
Not a product

When it comes to Blockchain you can ask us virtually anything: tokenization, integration IOT (Internet of Things), notarization, crypto wallet, DApp, DeFi, GameFi and the list goes on and on.

The real reason why you should contact us, however, is different. Blockchain architecture opens the doors to an unlimited range of possibilities and the first and most important thing to do is to choose the right tools to achieve your goals, adapting them to the context and needs.

That’s why what we will offer you are not simply exceptional products or hyper-efficient technologies, but our know-how, our creativity and all the support you need.


Come and meet us

Similarly to Blockchain, we are decentralized just as well. We like to work remotely, travel and meet on the other side of the world to compare and share experiences together.

Again like Blockchain, we are young. Yet, in a short time we have already come a long way.