flux+ the timestamp engine of scaling parrots

Recently our CEO Alessandro Ricci gave us an interview about Flux+ timestamping, explaining in detail how it is possible to track any information immutably on Blockchain.

The transparency and reliability of a system like timestamping are factors that companies absolutely cannot ignore, even more so in a world increasingly dominated by big data.

Therefore, we created our unique timestamping engine on Blockchain: Flux+. This technology (whose branding is overseen by our commercial director Gianluca Zaza) was born from the knowledge of the entire Scaling Parrots development team, with the goal of helping private companies and public bodies track all the information they want thanks to Blockchain.

flux+: the team that created timestamp engine
In this photo: Gabriel Romeo, Gianluca Zaza, Alessandro Ricci e Davide Ferrari: some members of the team that created Flux+

Why every company should use Flux+: the timestamp engine from Scaling Parrots

Thanks to timestamping you can immutably certify an event or document on Blockchain.

They will be certified:

🗓 Date

🕗 Time

📍 Location

But what are the actual benefits this technology brings to a business?

Legal-valued notarization

Every event, document, photo or video certified with Flux+ has legal value.

Blockchain guarantees its probative value because “the computer document meets the requirement of written record.” This process is called notarization

Promotes local economies

Timestamping is applicable by both major organizations and minor enterprises.

Flux+ supports and encourages the technological growth of local economies by making their services and processes more efficient.

Transparency in professional activities

Flux+ enables the tracking of any event in a democratic and transparent manner.

This prevents illicit and fraudulent behavior, ensuring ethical and transparent work.

Optimization of processes

With the tracking service offered by timestamp you can enhance your business processes by going to drastically reduce manual labor.

Data certification and assurance

Every event tracked through Flux+ is certified and guaranteed.

It is encrypted, secure and cannot be manipulated in any way.

Application examples of Flux+: the timestamp engine from Scaling Parrots

Here are some application scenarios of our timestamp engine.

Public administration

Thanks to the Blockchain timestamping system, it is possible to make every activity of public administration transparent.

It is possible to:

  • Report on and track cash flows
  • Record administrative documentation


Today’s manual and untracked municipal activities find an ally in Flux+ to perfect and automatize processes.

Some real application examples are:

  • Traceability of municipal camera recordings
  • Traceability and registration of municipal notices
  • Traceability and registration of contracts
  • Municipal document registration

Supply chain 

Any supply chain is made up of different actors intervening at different moments in time.

Thanks to timestamping, it is possible to:

  • Reduce and perfect the workforce involved in the supply chain
  • Reduce and perfect any waste
  • Track and record product transfers from production to sale


Insurance companies, in their internal processes, perform manual actions that can be entrusted to technology.

With Flux+ it is possible to:

  • Track and record Back Office service requests
  • Track and record claim requests from customers


The school and academic sector releases millions of records of all kinds every year.

Flux+ is the perfect tool for:

  • Track and record school and academic grades 
  • Document all the administrative paperwork
  • Release diplomas and certificates in the form of NFTs

How to practically apply Flux+?

Flux+ is a service that can be developed for any type of device and any type of ecosystem.

Depending on the customer’s requirement and need, Flux+ can be integrated into user friendly Apps and Web Apps serving both experienced and less experienced users.

There is no limit to the scope of possible applications of this Blockchain-based technology.

To learn more, book a free one-hour consultation with our team of experts. We will guide you and your company in the application of timestamping to help you improve your business efficiently and profitably. 

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