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Are you looking for a Blockchain software house? Then stop here, we are the right solution for you.

Blockchain has been gaining the trust of minor and major companies for several years now, and they are embedding this very innovative technology within their processes and services.

The benefits of blockchain are now well known: decentralization, immutability, economic efficiency, and management efficiency. All of these are the strong point that have made blockchain a must-have for companies looking to scale their business.

In this article we want to introduce you to our company, the services we offer, and how you can book a free one-hour consultation with us.

The story of Scaling Parrots

Scaling Parrots was born in Brescia in Italy, in January 2018.

Like all success stories, we have become who we are thanks to huge achievements and setbacks. The company’s first significant business was based on the mining farm, the generation of cryptocurrency. However, not everything turns out as it should (at least in the beginning). The bear market that year stood in the company’s way, making mining less profitable than the expenses needed to run it.

Scaling Parrots, however, is an example of willpower. From the “failure” of what seemed like a solid and enduring business, the company (with a small break in Blockchain development for the food supply chain) has developed into the Blockchain software house it is today.

The name Scaling Parrots was officially born in 2020, giving birth to one of the leading Blockchain companies in the Italian market.

But what does a Blockchain software house do?

A Blockchain software house develops digital applications by using Blockchain technology. In order to make a decentralized application work, several professional figures and skills must come into the equation: a backend development expertise (to make the service or product work), a frontend development expertise (which translates the “behind-the-scenes” backend into graphical interfaces), and a UX/UI design expertise (which conceives the product, its usability, its brand identity, and its UI).

But we at Scaling Parrots are different.

We not only develop Blockchain, but also supply strategic support, helping companies throughout the design phase of services. Our mission is to launch efficient and reasoned products on the market, so the support of our consultants and qualified professionals makes all the difference in the world.

We are not a software house that has adapted to the market: we were born in the Blockchain market, we want to grow there, and we want to stay there.

Blockchain software house: The services of Scaling Parrots

There is no limit to the application contexts of Blockchain. At Scaling Parrots, we offer our knowledge to serve companies in these sectors:

But the list is, indeed, potentially endless.

Let us now show you specifically the Blockchain services we offer.

1. IoT Blockchain

blockchain software house: iot
Credits: Unsplash

IoT stands for “Internet of Things”. It stands for all physical devices that are connected to the internet, and which through the internet derive added value, serving people.

For example, take Amazon and its artificial intelligence “Alexa,” now widely deployed in homes around the world. Alexa, by acting as a bridge between the router and any modern device in common use (e.g., a light bulb) enables intelligent use of the home, through a simple voice command. This, specifically, is IoT applied to home automation. However, any technological product can have a chip that allows it to connect to a network, including industrial machinery.

Now imagine the tracking of information from an industrial production line through the combination of IoT and Blockchain. Keeping track of all the actions of a specific equipment and reporting them thanks to Blockchain timestamps allows for exponential process optimization, reducing waste, and enabling the analysis of big data generated during production.

When it comes to IoT, there is no limit to application contexts: we are able, thanks to our technical and strategic knowledge, to translate ideas into tangible solutions serving businesses and individuals.

2. Notarization

blockchain software house: notarization
Credits: Unsplash

Blockchain notarization is a process by which documents, photos, and videos can be tracked unchangeably within a Blockchain. The benefits of notarization are enormous, partly due to Article 8-ter of Law No. 12/2019, called ” tecnologie basate su registri distribuiti e smart contract ,” which defines Blockchain technologies and figures out the relevant legal effects for them.

This means, in practice, that Blockchain guarantees the legal validity of any document (under certain conditions). In the long term, it will result in an increasing adoption of the technology, from which all entities that today use “traditional” practices in the legalization and certification of documents will benefit.

On the other hand, numerous professionals also benefit enormously from this system: just think of all the photos and videos that doctors, architects, construction professionals and condominium administrators produce every day that can be notarized thanks to Blockchain.

Our Blockchain software house has proven competence in this branch of technology, with numerous notarization projects under its belt.

3. NFT

blockchain software house: nft
Credits: Unsplash

NFTs have been one of the biggest trends of 2021. Non-Fungible Tokens are nothing more than “unique pieces” registered on Blockchain. Unlike any crypto, in fact, they have the characteristic of being non-fungible. It is clear, therefore, that their first tangible application was in the arts, thanks in part to the explosion of dedicated marketplaces such as Opensea and Magic Eden. However, an NFT can have countless real-world applications beyond just collecting.

They can be used as an asset within a video game, or as a ticket to attend a particular event, or even to take advantage of discounts. Briefly, everything is decided by the function for which they are designed and offered for sale, as well as the token economy of the whole ecosystem.

We at Scaling Parrots can develop any project that involves the use of NFTs. One example among all: a marketplace.

4. Token Economy

blockchain software house: token economy
Credits: Unsplash

The token economy is an economic system based on a token Blockchain. This system predicts the distribution, utility, availability, and dynamics of token usage.

We give you a tangible example of token economy straight from the past (clearly not based on Blockchain technology): the telephone token. The telephone token, in use in Italy until 2001, is a perfect example of a token. An economic value was associated with the token, and its usefulness was linked to the service it offered: allowing you to call from phone booths throughout Italy, according to economic rules defined by the state.

In the Blockchain environment, it is in fact possible to create any type of token from scratch. To do so, the support of a Blockchain software house that supports you throughout the process of creating it and the economic rules associated with it is crucial.

5. DApp

blockchain software house: dapp
Credits: Unsplash

The Web over the past few decades has evolved radically. Web2 has enabled the Internet to achieve mass adoption. However, the services we use today on a wide scale (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Netflix…) have the common feature of being centralized: companies that hold the rights to use and control our data.

A DApp, which stands for Decentralized App, is the natural evolution of Web2 toward what the infamous Web3 is now: a decentralized Internet that puts the user at the center, guaranteeing privacy and making its use democratic.

Clearly, the use of DApps is across the board depending on the service a company wants to develop, whether it is a marketplace or a DeFi protocol. The software house Blockchain Scaling Parrots, in this, can supply advice and support throughout the design and development process of the idea.

6. Crypto Wallet

crypto wallet
Credits: Unsplash

The crypto wallet is probably the main use of the Blockchain nowadays. With the emergence of Bitcoin and all the other hundreds of cryptocurrencies came the need to store one’s digital economic resources in a safe place. Today there are plenty of crypto wallets, but still a long way to go to make them a reliable and adoptable tool for the masses.

With our tailor-made service, our Blockchain software house can create your own secure and user-friendly crypto wallet. You can use it like a real bank account, sending or receiving your cryptocurrencies simply by using the unique address of your wallet, as if it were an IBAN.

7. Web3

Credits: Unsplash

As mentioned earlier, Web3 is the natural evolution of the modern Web. The major difference between Web2 and Web3 is, in fact, the concept of decentralization. Thanks to Blockchain, the Internet will become a decentralized and democratic ecosystem that puts the user and his or her privacy at the center.

The possibilities for the application of Blockchain in Web3 are countless, and we probably still do not know the true potential of this technology. Well, we will see. What our Blockchain software house can do for your company, however, is to dedicate itself to services that already play a key role in society, whether it be DApps, marketplaces, metaverse or video games.

8. Play-to-Earn


The video game industry is a true gold mine, with annual growth. Traditional video games, now centralized, can turn into real sources of income for gamers and investors thanks to Blockchain. Video games on Blockchain are named GameFi, following an economic model based on Play-To-Earn.

In fact, tokenizing game assets (what in traditional video games are the classic paid add-ons) allows the user to own them outright. The gamer (or collector) can then decide to use these tokens as in-game tools or resell them at the price set by the market, through dedicated marketplaces that utilize Blockchain technology.

We at Scaling Parrots not only have the skills to develop this fast-growing technology industry, but we ourselves have developed a Blockchain game based on intergalactic wars: we are talking about Planet Wars.

Blockchain consulting: book a free consulting hour with our software house

What we do is helping entrepreneurs and managers choose the ideal Blockchain solution for their enterprise. We do not simply execute ideas, but follow the entire design process, supporting in strategic, business and technological choices. We provide 100% of our knowledge to make functional and functioning products and services.

If you represent a company or have a business idea based on Blockchain, we are eager to hear from you in a free one-hour no-obligation consultation. You can book a slot autonomously on the calendar, based on your needs.


Now that we have shared more of the story of our Blockchain software house with you and explained our services, we look forward to learning about your company’s history and supporting its growth.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using the contact form. We will get back to you quickly.

Finally, if you think this article would be helpful to someone you know, please share it! You would help us spread the culture of Blockchain and we would be forever grateful for that.

See you soon,

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