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As we already know, there are many contexts of application of the Blockchain. The industrial sector is certainly not excluded, which draws a great ally from this innovative technology in terms of traceability and monitoring. In this article we want to focus on the Blockchain for construction sites: how can a digital register be at the service of construction sites?

Let’s find out right away with a concrete example.

Blockchain for construction sites: the Timelapselab case

blockchain for construction sites: the timelapselab case

Let’s take as an example one of the most promising Italian companies in the industrial field: Timelapselab. This company makes time-lapse video devices available to businesses of all kinds. These devices, installed in strategic points on construction sites, periodically take photographs. The same photographs, in their aggregate, generate a video that takes the name of “time-lapse” video.

But what is a time-lapse video actually for? The answer is very simple.

A time-lapse video allows monitoring of what is happening where the image-capture device is installed (in this case a construction site). The videos will then be used for the purposes of:

  • monitoring, to understand the progress of the work over time
  • anomaly prevention, avoiding technical problems at the source thanks to AI
  • data analysis, in order to optimize shipyard processes and services

At this point you may ask yourself: what does Blockchain have to do with all this? Again, the answer is self-evident.

If you already know our Blockchain Flux+ timestamp system, you will be aware that every event can be recorded on the “blockchain” in an immutable way, assigning a certain date and time to each notarized photo.

In the specific case of Timelapselab, which has chosen Scaling Parrots as its Blockchain service provider, time-lapse videos are assigned a timestamp, certifying with certainty what is constantly immortalized by their cameras.

What is the Blockchain for construction sites?

By immortalizing a time-lapse video and notarizing it on the Blockchain, you make evidence of what happened over time, certifying the course of events in an immutable way.

This mainly serves as a form of protection in the event of accidents: an event recorded on the Blockchain cannot be manipulated in any way, transforming time-lapse videos into evidence in the event of accidents (unfortunately the order of the day) and disputes.

Ultimately, this is a perfect example of how IoT and Blockchain are a perfect marriage to serve businesses.

Why it is important that the data is recorded by a camera rather than by a human being

One of the most common mistakes that are made when it comes to Blockchain is thinking that it is a technology that prevents from all evils, always recording the truth.

Unfortunately we are far from this utopian reality.

The Blockchain, as an immutable and decentralized digital register, is indeed an incredibly innovative and powerful tool, but only when it receives support from a certain and reliable source of data.

Let’s take the example of Timelapselab for a moment. Let’s suppose that the photos of the building site are taken not by an electronic device independently, but by the site manager with his own smartphone.

It comes without saying that a photo taken by a human being can be extremely manipulated, making a possible notarization on the Blockchain useless and ineffective.

On the contrary, the service offered by Timelapselab does not in any way foresee the intervention of a human being in the information collection phase: all the photos are taken and recorded on Blockchain without the support of a human being.

Blockchain for Construction Sites: Conclusion

This is precisely the perfect scenario in which the Blockchain takes on an invaluable value: when the recorded data comes from a certain source that cannot be manipulated.

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